Think long, lean and strong muscles!

Barre is a workout classes based on a ballet workout, with additional aspects of sports conditioning, Pilates and cardio. The barre is used as a prop to balance, and an aid in stretches.

The exercises in the class focus on an isometric strength training (keeping the body still while working a specific set of muscles). Range of movement is kept quite small to create a burn to let you know those muscles are working hard! The exercises used are variations from ballet, pilates and yoga.

You do not need to be as flexible as a yogi, or as fit as a ballet dancer to try this class though! We get asked a lot "Will I have to get my leg up on the barre?" and the answer to that is, only if you want to! We all have to start somewhere, barre is great because it is easily modified! We welcome anyone who wants to have a giggle, or share an eye roll with their barre neighbour when we say "last two!" for the fourteenth time... sorry in advance!

Barre is on the timetable on a Monday at 8pm, Wednesday at 10.15am and 8pm and Saturday at 8am. On a Monday at 8pm, we take the class up a notch for Barre Bootcamp. Don't let the name put you off though, it is the barre class you know and love, with an extra bit of cardio and endurance thrown in!

Barre will tone your arms, lift your bum, flatten the abs and sculpt your legs... and all in an hour!

Our introductory offer of 7 classes for €69 to be used in 30 days is a great way to kick start your love affair with the barre.

So, remember, take a muscle group, fatigue it with small (but tough!) movements, stretch the muscles, and move on!.