A Pilates mat class will work your body from the tips of your toes all the way to the crown of your head.

There are many ways to practice pilates, one of these ways is on a mat. Mat has become quite popular in Ireland, mostly because of how people's bodies feel following their sessions. As a beginner, your focus will be on the basic principles of the method.

There are five basic principles that each form of Pilates follows. These are breathing (with pelvic floor muscle engagement), pelvic placement, ribcage placement, head and cervical placement, and scapular and shoulder stabilisation. With each of these kept in mind when moving through Pilates exercises this ensures safety and back care.

Mat is a great class that will focus on building strength and mobility through the body. You will also see toning through the inner and outer thighs, and flattening through the abdominals.

We offer a beginner mat course, with extra emphasis on back care. This is a four or five week course (depending on the time of year) which will help the beginner understand these principles and hopefully bring them in to their daily lives as well as their classes.

If you have completed a beginner course and looking to improve, then our level 1/2 mat class would be a good fit. Another step up would be our level 3 (intermediate) class. We also offer a Pilates with props class, although most mat classes will include the use of some small props such as the red overball, the fitness circle, foam roller and small light weights.