The Reformer is a piece of Pilates equipment that works using springs for resistance.

As with mat, when you start your Pilates journey the emphasis is on the basic principles of the method. There are five basic principles that each form of Pilates follows. These are breathing (with pelvic floor muscle engagement), pelvic placement, ribcage placement, head and cervical placement, and scapular and shoulder stabilisation. With each of these kept in mind when moving through Pilates exercises this ensures safety and back care.

The reformer promotes body awareness and feedback which helps beginners and improvers understand where the body should be throughout the exercises. There are a myriad of exercises done on the reformer, which have similar properties to exercises done on the mat. With each exercise there is full body integration to ensure all of the muscles get attention.

The springs on the reformer help create length through tight muscles as the body is working. Many people feel a great difference in their flexibility throughout the body which often alleviates pain and tension.

Even if you have mat Pilates experience, you would need to complete a minimum of one introductory session on the reformer. After completing your introductory session, you then move in to level 1 classes. If and when you are ready, your instructor will progress you into level 2 classes.