Studio Etiquette


We want each of you to enjoy your time in the studio so there are a few things we can all do to ensure this happens!

- Please be in the studio and ready to start your class in plenty of time.
- Switch off! Please make sure your phone is off or on silent. (Of course, we understand if you need to keep your phone close in emergency situations.)
- There is spray and paper towels for you to wipe down your machine/mat after class. The equipment is cleaned thoroughly outside of classes, but this it to ensure the clients in the immediate class after yours have clean equipment.
- Please do not bring shoes in to the studio, but leave them on the shoe rack by the front door, or in the waiting area.
- Please refrain from bringing food into the studio, water is permitted.
- If you can't make your class, please cancel on the booking app MindBody so that if there is someone on the waiting list, they can avail of the spot.
- Please eat something light an hour or so before the class to prevent lightheadedness.

What to wear:

- We recommend wearing comfortable, breathable clothes to your class.
- Your instructor needs to see what is going on with your body, so keep this in mind too.
- Please wear clean socks.
- Grippy socks are an advantage in your class, on sale in the studio.

What to bring:

- All equipment needed for the class will be provided by the studio.
- If you would like to bring your own mat for hygiene reasons, you are very welcome to.
- We would recommend bringing a bottle of water with you, but if you forget we try to keep water in the studio.